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Panayotis Ioannidis was born in 1967 in Athens, where he now lives. He works with words and images.

_ words _

He has published four books of poems with Kastaniotis Editions, To sosivio [The lifesaver, 2008] Akalyptos [Uncovered, 2013], Polonia [2016; shortlisted for both the State Literary Prize and the "Anagnostis" Prize], Rinokeros [Rhinoceros, 2020]. He is also one of the authors of the essay books, A conversation about poetry now (FRMK, 2018) and What art teaches us (FRMK, 2020).

His poems have been included in two English-language anthologies 
(T. Chiotis, Futures - Poetry of the Greek crisis, Penned in the Margins, 2015 / K. Van Dyck, Austerity Measures, Penguin, 2016 & New York Review Books, 2017), two 
German anthologies (Wassiliki Knithaki & Adrian Kasnitz (eds.), Kleine Tiere zum Schlachten, Parasiten Presse, 2017; Maria Topali, Dichtung mit BissEdition Romiosini, 2018), and in the book "NICE - Is return possible?" (Lo&Behold, 2016).

Apart from several Greek journals since 1996, his poems have also been published in English-language journals (
"Filling Station" 21, 2001 / "Drunken Boat" 19, 2014; "Hotel Amerika" 13, 2015; "Poetry London" 82, 2015; "Hotel Amerika" 14 , 2016), as well as in Croatian ("Tema", Spring 2020), Polish ("Lirydram" 16, 2017), Swedish ("Subaltern" 2-3, 2014 Medelhavsmuseet, 2016), and Turkish ("Bireylikler" 29, Nov. 2009). They were presented during the "16 Young Greek Poets" readings, organised by the theatre company "Praxi" in spring 1997; received 2nd prize at the "1st Meeting of Young Artists (Vakalo Art School)" in spring 1998; and were presented at the "Umeå Littfest" international literary festival (Sweden, 2014); and elsewhere.

Apart from this blog, some of his poems in English translation may be found on the Greek Poetry Now platform, and on Poets.Gr.

He has translated poems by Rene Char (
"FRMK" 16, Winter 2020/ Autumn 2021), William Carlos Williams ("FRMK" 7, Spring-Summer 2016 / "FRMK" 16, Winter 2020/ Autumn 2021), Elizabeth Bishop ("The Books' Journal" 65, April 1016), Robert Duncan ("FRMK" 7, Spring-Summer 2016; "The Books' Journal" 75, March 2017), Marianne Moore ("The Books' Journal" 85, Mar. 2018), Ezra Pound ("The Books' Journal" 96, Mar. 2019), Seamus Heaney ("anti" b 588, 13 October 1995; "anti" b 635, 23 May 1997), Robert Creeley ("Poeisi" 18, Autumn-Winter 2001), Thom Gunn ("Poeisi" 12, Autumn-Winter 1998; "Entefktirio" 86, July-Sept. 2009; "FRMK" 7, Spring-Summer 2016), Andrew Motion ("Poiesi" 9, Spring-Summer 1997), Jane Hirshfield ("TA NEA", 18 April 2020), David Harsent ("FRMK" 4, Autumn-Winter 2014), Elaine Feinstein, Fiona Sampson and Michael Symmons Roberts ("Poiitiki" 10, Autumn-Winter 2012) - as well as poetic texts by visual artists Louise Bourgeois and Roni Horn ("FRMK" 10, Autumn-Winter 2017).

Since 2011, he has been curating the series of monthly poetry readings, "Words (can) do it", where Greek poets of different generations read their own poems, or foreign-language poetry is read in the original and its Greek translation.

He is poetry editor for the monthly "The books' journal" from August 2013 and for "Und.Poetry" from its inception, in January 2019. In addition, since its 1st issue (May 2013), he is on the editorial board of the journal "for the investigation of the poetic phenomenon", "Farmako", where he also reviews poetry books. 

At the 28th Greek Poetry Symposium (Patras, 2008), he co-authored with Theodossios Tassios the presentation "Poetry and image", whilst at the 31st (Patras, 2011) he gave the presentation "When is poetry (not) in crisis?" In June 2013, he took part, together with another six Greek and seven American poets, in the poetic 'blind date', "Set out to Ithaca", within the "Return to Ithaca 2013" festival.

Since February 2013, he has been coordinating a poetry-writing group for adults at the British Council (Athens). From 2013 to 2018, he taught in the Cavafy Archive's / Onassis Foundation educational programmes for secondary schools, using innnovative approaches (e.g. theatre performance, hip-hop, comics, photography) to Cavafy's poetry.

During 1994-1997, he collaborated with 'anti' cultural and political weekly magazine, where he kept a column, "The wild and the tame", and was guest-editor for issues partly devoted to the essayist and poet Zissimos Lorentzatos and the short story writer Helias C. Papadimitrakopoulos. Since then, articles and interviews by him have appeared in "Athens Voice" (2019), "Αno Teleia" (2017), "Ta Nea" (2017), "Efimerida ton Syntakton" (2017), "Kathimerini" (2008, 2010, 2015, 2017, 2018), "Lifo" (2008/i2008/ii), and 'tranzistor' (2005).

_ words + images _

During November 2007 - January 2008, a specially written poem of his accompanied -as a photocopied photograph of the manuscript- painter Eleni Theofilaktou's exhibition, "Darling I'm clearing up" (tint gallery, Thessaloniki), whilst a commissioned poem accompanied Efi Panagoula's photograph for 15 March 2010 in the Greek language web diary, "365 friends". During the 2nd Athens Biennale / 'Heaven', he took part in 'Poetica Residenza Arcadia' (June 2009).

In December 2006, during "blind date #12" (Industrial space, Keiriadon & Sfittion St., Athens) -a collaboration, in pairs, of visual artists and writers, for which latter group he was also the coordinator- he presented with visual artist Maria Konti the installation llel/lir/lyr. In March 2011, during the group show "Icono-poeisis" (M. Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens), he presented the installation Les Mains d' Hypnos, on poetry by Rene Char that he had translated.

_ images _

. Books_ Salon de Vortex (ed), "NICE - Is return possible?" (Lo & Behold, 2016) / Ianna Andreadis (ed.), "ΑΘΗΝΑ ΘΕΑ - Παράθυρα στην πόλη" (Agra, 2016)

. Shows _ «Lookout» (Athens, Sept. 2003) / «Capturing utopia» ("Fournos", Athens, Sept. 2005) / "Autonomous Photography" ("Fotagogos", Athens, 2015) / "Fenêtres sur Athènes / ΑΘΗΝΑ ΘΕΑ" (Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, Paris, 2015-16) / "ΑΘΗΝΑ ΘΕΑ" (Benaki Museum, Athens, 2016-17)

. Printed media _ 'Eleftherotypia' Greek daily (26.ii.2011) / 'Athens News' English-language Greek daily (13.iii.2011 + 16.v.2011) / 'FRMK' (issue 2, Autumn-Winter 2013)

. Web media _ come into land (Jan. 2011) / troppo tardi (Feb. 2011) / vagabook (May 2011) / luoghi comuni (June 2011) / view (May 2012) / diet cola zine (March 2013) / lifo (Apr. 2013) / popaganda (Dec. 2013Oct. 2017)

. Curated _ 'Uncertain traces' (Images of the month, "come into land", July 2011)

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