happy new year

[greek version -based on the english translation by maya peretz- of a poem by the polish poet halina poswiatowska: as a small new year's present to readers known and unknown.]


for the solution

[a piece in greek, commissioned by lifo free press weekly. written on 8 december 2009 -the riots in athens had started in the night of 6 december- it principally expressed my consternation at the impasse that violence, under all its guises, represents.]


[not?] a chance meeting

[a piece in greek -commissioned by 'kathimerini' daily for the 'comment on a theme' column of its saturday 'life & arts' section- weaving the rich intellectual and social activist heritage described in rachel cohen's a chance meeting with one of its vindications: barack obama's recent election as president of the u.s.a.]


sailing in

On 3.xii.2008, the publication of To Sosivio [The Lifesaver] was toasted with red wine, thanks to the kind invitation of Kastaniotis Editions and the flagship 'Eleftheroudakis' bookshop, on Stadiou St., Athens.