poetry place, london

'Are you here for the zen thing?' she asked us outside of the 'Poetry Place'. We could have been.

But it was also 'Poetry Unplugged': each one -including my friend Chris Sakellaridis and 23 others- reading for a maximum of 5'. A healthy mix of voices. And so nice that T., C., D. & D., and -unexpectedly- K., C., and P. were also there. Read "A poet growing up" then "Burning candle" -the two poems preceding the last one in the Lifesaver- then "The orchard"
that opens the book (in English versions by myself and Stefanos Basigkal).

Afterwards, we repaired to the nearest pub - a sweetly summery evening.

[Photograph taken in London, April 2009.]


saturday / spring

[A piece in Greek, weaving together the Saturday afternoon when I saw Let the right one in, with Niki-Rebecca Papageorgiou's astonishing 'prose poem fairy tales', John Felstiner's two books on Paul Celan, and a Greek version of Tadeusz Rozewicz's poem 'Pigtail'. The photo was taken in Cracow in May 2008.]